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Fun, colorful, engaging and entertaining – those are but some of the words that you can use to describe the Chicco Activity Baby Walker.  Don’t mistake it for one of those walkers that do just that – help children learn how to walk because it does so much more!  It is filled with lots of different colors that kids just won’t be able to resist.  There is the red handle, the orange shape exerciser, blue knobs, green container … let us just say that no kid would be able to resist it for the mere fact that it is visually attractive.

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But the Chicco Activity Baby Walker is not just visually irresistible to children but it also creates all sorts of sounds effects to add to the fun!  With every step that your little boy or little girl makes, it produces this amusing music that really just encourages your child to take another step without realizing that it is developing her motor skills!  Did I mention that it has blinking lights and your child can play all sorts of amusing games to enhance his or her motor skills?  To learn about shapes, she can easily insert the star into the star shaped hole and the triangle into the triangle shaped hole.  Let us just say that your child will learn so much while having fun with her Chicco Activity Baby Walker.  It will enhance her motor skills and even her logic.  It can’t get any better than that.

Unlike other walkers that your kids will simply push around, the Chicco Activity Baby Walker makes it so much more fun and interesting so your child will learn a lot even while at play.  The slight downside however is that it is not as stable as it claims to be.  Your little one can push too hard and the walker could tip over so it is really best to let your child play when there is an adult to watch him or her.  Then again, is there really a walker that is perfectly stable that has absolutely no risk of tipping over?  For that to happen, the walker would probably have to be very heavy and there is no way that a 9 month or an 11 month old could push that.  So while your baby has fun with his or her Chicco Activity Baby Walker, make sure that you are always nearby to keep him or her steady with each and every step.

Chicco Activity Baby Walker Features

  • Helps stimulate baby’s imagination and coordination skills
  • Many amusing games, lights and fun sound effects
  • Helps baby to stand up and take its first steps in complete safety
  • Walker immediately starts playing an amusing melody when baby takes steps
  • Comes with three colorful balls and three colorful shapes

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Some also say that it would have been better if the games were on the other side of the Chicco Activity Baby Walker so the little one will be even more entertained while he or she pushes.  Then again, it is always so easy to stop and play first and then push again after a bit.  Besides, the music that plays while your kid is pushing is already very amusing as is.

The Chicco Activity Baby Walker is overall a good buy.  Your kid will love it!

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