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For younger children who need more support as they learn how to walk, the Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker is just perfect!  It will help your kid develop his or her skill of walking while having fun turning the knobs of the tray and just playing.  Every little boy or little girl has a whole world to explore and this walker is a great way to start.  It is sturdy so you as a parent have absolutely nothing to worry about and sitting there, will be so much fun for your kid that it will be hard to get him or her off!

The Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker is not just your regular walker wherein you place your baby boy or baby girl there and then urge them to come to you.  Although you can still do that to spend quality time with your little one, you will discover that they really do not need extra entertainment with this walker because it has an electronic play tray that will fully engage their attention and even their imagination.  The tray comes with buttons that they can push and tap and these will make sounds to keep them occupied even as they learn sound association.

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To make things even better, this electronic play tray that will help your baby develop his or her senses while playing and having fun is removable.  Hence, he or she can play with it in the crib or even when you travel and choose to not bring the rest of the Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker.  Then again, there is really no reason for you to not bring it along when you go on out of town trips or on long drives with the family because this walker is portable and can be folded until it is flat.  Having a baby means carrying what feels like a hundred and one things when you leave your home.  At least you know that your baby walker will not add to the bulk.  And because you can fold it flat, storage will never be a problem.  Even if your house is tiny and you do not have much space in it, you will not have difficulty looking for a tiny nook for your Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker Features

  • Electronic play tray contributes to sensory development
  • Removable, washable seat pad keeps baby clean
  • Three seat height adjustments for customized ride
  • Six brake pads help prevent falls
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel

Have you bought walkers in the past that just can’t seem to fit right for your kid?  It is either to high or too low for them?  Well, you can be assured never to encounter that problem with the Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker.  It has a 3 seat height adjustment so whether your baby is tall or on the petite side, you never have to worry about it.  Besides, they can even play with the toy longer because as they grow, you can adjust the walker to fit them.

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Of course, this walker is not the cheapest thing in the market.  There are definitely cheaper ones you can buy but none of them are quite as efficient as the Chicco Lil Piano Splash Baby Walker.

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