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Walking is a basic skill that babies eventually have to learn.  Although it helps to take his or her hand and aid your child as he takes his first baby steps, eventually, it would be more fun for the kid to have something to push – particularly if what he is pushing is a car that can be full of toys.  That is what the Haba Walker Wagon is.  It helps little boys and girls develop his or her walking skills by allowing them to have the fun of pushing a cart or a wagon that is full of his or her favorite toys.

The Haba Walker Wagon is colorful enough for a kid to be visually attracted to it.  Its wheels are highlighted by the attractive color, red and the seat is a nice combination of green.  Watch your son squeal with joy as he pushes the cart filled with robots and cars.  If your baby is a girl, well, it is also perfect for the pretty little dolls she owns.  There is just no way that a little kid would be able to resist the fun that only the Haba Walker Wagon can bring.

Of course, children also need to interact with other kids in order to develop their social skills.  Haba Walker Wagon can help make that happen because it comes with a seat so instead of pushing toys, your kid has the option of inviting his sibling or a friend to sit in front while he pushes.  Of course, they can always trade places after.  Most toys these days almost encourage children to have fun on their own.  Haba Walker Wagon, on the other hand, gives your child a venue to make friends with other kids because nothing beats actual human interaction.

Haba Walker Wagon Features

  • The walker wagon aides children in moving
  • Strength of brake can be adapted to suit your needs
  • Includes seat to push your friend
  • Convenient pockets for toy storage
  • Sturdy construction, rubber tires on wood rims

The Haba Walker Wagon also doubles as a toy storage for some of the toys of your little one.  Kids must learn to keep their toys after they play with it.  That is a basic training so that they will learn the value of their things as well as the importance of cleanliness and order.  Your child is never too young to learn that.  The Haba Walker Wagon comes with a toy storage behind the seat so you can teach your little one to just place the toys there as soon as he or she does not feel like playing anymore.

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If safety is an issue for you, have no fear.  The Haba Walker Wagon is guaranteed sturdy and because its tires are made of rubber with wood rims, slipping is highly unlikely.  Hence, your kid can enjoy pushing or being pushed by a friend while you can rest assured that they are safe even while they are playing.

This walker is really a good investment because your kid can play it for a really long time.  It is built for children from 10 months to 3 years!  Within that span, your children will delight in the fun that Haba Walker Wagon can give them.

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