Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker Review

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The Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker is a really cool toy for your growing baby. Kolcraft designed the Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker with height adjustments so it will grow with your child. It has simulated sounds to entertain your child as they are learning to walk and building strength their legs. The Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker has front swivel wheels to help your child get the feel of the walker moving in many directions, but still remain safe. Your child will enjoy the time they spend in their new toy and you will have peace of mind know they are both safe and comfortable.

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Kolcraft put together a great walker for your child, it has plenty to keep them occupied. Your child will have hours and hours of fun playing with the electronic steering wheel, it includes realistic engines sounds and a horn. There is also other things to keep your child occupied like a faux key, mirror and toy they can bat around.

The Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker is very ruggedly designed from hard plastic and it comes in several different color schemes including dark gray, silver and red for boys and purple and pink or pastel color schemes that are better for girls. The seat and side bags are very heavily padded to make it very comfortable for your child.

Kolcraft made this toy able to grow with your child so they wont out grow it to quickly by building in a three position height adjustment. It also has strips of friction tape on the bottom of the walker so that your child is more safe.

The Jeep Liberty Renegade Walker from Kolcraft has two swiveling wheels on the front which gives your child the sense they can around in lots of directions while the friction strips in the back make it difficult for the walker to get out of control.

Kolcraft Jeep Renegade Walker Features

  • 3-position height adjustment for growing babies
  • Electronic toy steering wheel includes horn, car engine sounds and music
  • Include a faux key toy and upright mirror and batting toys
  • Fully padded, easy-to-clean seat with cargo bags
  • Non-skid, safety friction strips under the base
  • Independent front swivel wheels

The Kolcraft Jeep Renegade Walker Reviews

The Kolcraft Jeep Renegade Walker has received mostly positive reviews from the consumers. For the most part they all pointed out that the walker offered their child lots to keep them occupied. The height adjustment worked great once their child started growing and being able to actually move it around on their own. However, one person pointed out one concern that is a bit troubling, they said that the out edges of the walker were a bit sharp that when their child would bump into them it would hurt their leg. Another reviewer thought that the wheels were a bit to tiny and would get bound up on longer carpeting.

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I would have to recommend this baby walker to paents that are looking for the a walker to help stimulate their child into learning to walk on their own plus it gives the parent the opportunity to get a work done around the house without having to worry so much about their child getting into something or getting hurt. I would go out to your local store and see if they have the Jeep Renegade Walker from Kolcraft and check it for yourself.

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