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If you have a kid who has just began to walk but has not yet mastered the art of walking then Chicco DJ baby walker could be the ultimate walker for him or her. The walker will help your kid develop good walking skills better than those other kids who do not use the walker. The walker is stronger and does not give you the stress of monitoring your Child every move as the walker is sturdy enough.

The good thing with this is that your child will have maximum fun while using the walking since he or she will be able to play with the knobs of the tray by turning them from side to side. The walker gives your child much fun to a point of even forgetting that you are there and by doing so giving you easy time to do your own home chores.

Chicco DJ Baby Walker, Splash
Amazon Price: $199.99
List Price: $69.99
Chicco Dance Baby Walker - Flower Power
Amazon Price: $134.99
Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker
Amazon Price: $69.99

Unlike other walkers where you as a parent has to sit down and watch your kid walk with the walker, with Chicco DJ baby walker you do not have to sit down as the walker has an inbuilt electronic tray that really entertains your child by engaging their full imagination. For this reason you should not wander in the market anymore trying to find other walkers as this one has all what you child requires to become an expert in walking. The inbuilt electronic tray has buttons on the sides, when the button is pressed it produces some sounds that keep your child busy and help them learn about sound coordination.

Chicco DJ baby walker has more advantages than any other walker as the inbuilt electronic tray is removable and you can take it out of the walker any time that you want. That means your child can use the tray when playing indoors. If you are traveling you can carry the tray with you as it is easily portable and you will be guaranteed that your child has something to keep him or her busy.

The baby walker is also light and this makes it easily portable when you are traveling or in case you want to move it from your house to the yard. You can fold Chicco DJ baby walker till it is flat and doing this your work in carrying the walker will be lessened and you will not have to worry about the storage as you will be able to store the walker in your house even when your house. The walker has been fitted with seat pads which are easily removable. This makes it easy for you to wash them hence keeping your baby clean.

You will be able to adjust the height of the sit to a maximum of three adjustments depending with the height of your child. This is important because the seat grows as your child does and you do not have to buy a new Chicco DJ baby walker every year since you can easily adjust the one you have to the height that you want.

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