Plan Toy Baby Walker Review

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If a trusty, good old fashioned walker is what you have in mind for your baby, then the Plan Toy Baby Walker is what you should buy.  Most walkers these days are pretty high tech with all sorts of moving animals that make sounds.  Some even play music to engage the child’s senses.  Although all these are great, there are times wherein nothing beats the good old fashioned walker like those that you played with as a child.  That is exactly what Play Toy Baby Walker.

Like a traditional walker, it is made of wood and a bar that your child can push.  It has a small container for the colorful blocks that should keep your baby’s interest at its peak.  So what is so great about the Plan Toy Baby Walker?  To begin with, you are assured of your child’s safety and that is the paramount concern of most parents.  This is possible because the walker is stable so your baby can push and pull and you do not have to worry that the toy would topple over.  In addition, it is made of an all natural organic recycled rubber wood from Thailand.  You know how some toys are pulled out of the market because they are said to be toxic, you can put your mind at rest knowing that your kid’s toy is made from an all natural material that can harm him or her in not even the smallest way.

Whether your child is tall or short, it really does not matter with the Plan Toy Baby Walker.  You see, unlike some walkers that only come in one height, this toy’s handle can be adjusted to fit the height of your child.  That way, you know that your little one is comfortable at play because the bar is neither too high or too low.  Besides, what is great about this is that your child can play with it longer because you can raise the handle bar even as your kid grows taller. Is that great or what?

Plan Toy Baby Walker Features

  • Help young children take their first steps with better stability
  • Recommended for ages between 10 Months to 3 Years
  • Adjustable handle for different heights and stiffness
  • Includes 24 colored and natural blocks
  • Made In Thailand from all natural organic recycled rubber wood

The rubber blocks that come with Plan Toy Baby Walker is not just visually stimulating for your little one but it can enhance his or her imagination as well.  We all know how utterly creative youngsters can be and you certainly want to develop that in your child.  Through these colorful wooden blocks, your baby can build colorful pyramids are practically anything he or she wants!  Talk about enhancing the imagination.  For the younger kids, it will help them recognize colors, shapes and perhaps even count – all of which are important skills that they must learn.  What better way to learn it than by having fun?

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Help your child have fun even as he or she learns.  The Plan Toy Baby Walker can develop his or her motor skills and body coordination, enhance the imagination even as he is having fun pushing the colorful toy.  Learning should be fun and this traditional walker makes that possible.

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